Monday, August 20, 2012

Fantastic Fall Day!

Today I brought my binocs and camera to the gym, and walked home through the park after Pilates.  I'm so glad I did!  First of course I needed some lunch, so I got street food and ate on a bench across from this bus.  I love living in NYC!

Happiness Bus
 At the upper lobe there was quite a bit of activity.  Several warblers, including this yellow warbler, a black-and-white that refused photos, a Canada that allowed only blurry photos, and of course redstarts.
Yellow Warbler
 There were redstarts everywhere!  :-)
American Redstart
 This flycatcher zoomed around, hopefully having a great feast.
Mystery Flycatcher
 A juvie black-crowned night heron was sleepy.  :-)
Black-crowned Night Heron
 On the way over to the point was a chestnut-sided warbler.  It did not want pictures.  Not much activity at the point, but I did spot a pair of Baltimore orioles and a hummingbird at the oven, so I headed over that way.
Chestnut-sided Warbler
 Hummingbird!  My first of the fall.  So happy!
Ruby-throated Hummingbird
 There was one cedar waxwing at the oven.  Which probably means there were a dozen nearby that I didn't see...... Oh well, one waxwing is a lot better than no waxwings!
Cedar Waxwing
 This Wilson's warbler entertained us for quite some time as we waited for the hummingbird to come back around.
Wilson's Warbler
 And then this Maggie came by.  So pretty.
Magnolia Warbler
 This Canada was more tolerant of the camera than the one at the oven was.  Thanks Buddy!
Canada Warbler
 The female oriole surveying her domain.
Baltimore Oriole (female)
 And another mystery flycatcher.  It was a great day in the park!
Mystery Flycatcher

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