Sunday, January 9, 2011

The woodpecker at last!

Jack and I went walking today, starting at the pond and working our way up.  At the pond we saw a hawk perched across the way in Hallett, but didn't get a good view or good picture because it was so far away.  I guess that one is making that its home now, which is great news for us!

Continuing around, we saw the wood duck with the mallards near the bridge, where there is still some open water.

Oh, wait - I meant the two wood ducks!

Going up towards the chess house we saw this hawk, a much better view with much better light this time!

Then on the path below sheep's meadow we got a great view of this juvenlile red-headed woodpecker everyone's been so excited about.

It was cool to watch him for a while.  :-)

From there, we went up to the fountain and around the south side of the lake to the park road, then down the middle by the volleyball courts and home.  We saw some titmouses and chickadees but no pictures..... It was a nice walk even though it was quite cold!

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