Thursday, January 20, 2011

Varied Thrush! Yay! With bonuses. :-)

Today I headed to the park, taking what is becoming my usual route - around the pond, up the park road to the fountain, through the ramble, to the upper lobe, and home along the park road.  It was a nice couple of hours, and I saw a lot!

This hawk was in Hallett, watching for an opportunity to dine.  When I was on the bridge he flew right over me!

Wood duck on the snow.  Show-off!

This hawk was by the boathouse.  I followed him through a couple of flights before finally getting a picture. 

And he's off again, hopefully to find some lunch!

This red-bellied woodpecker (at the feeders) was shameless, posing for quite some time.

The varied thrush!  It does exist!  My first time seeing it.  :-)

I saw it in the little area to the right of the restrooms by the maintenance shed, just like everyone said.

Also there, my second wren of the day (and winter) - this gorgeous Carolina wren.

Watching like a ..... well, you know.

Even the towhee seemed happy to be in pictures!

I can't even see the bird's head until I click through to the large version.  Great camo!

The fox sparrow telling a white-throat trying to horn in - Get Lost!

I'm a sucker for a bird with a berry.  :-)

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  1. just found your blog. Your photographs are fantastic.

    Peggy M
    Bay Ridge, Brooklyn