Thursday, January 27, 2011

More snow......

Today I went to another walk after another snow.  The park got about another foot of snow.  I have not gotten noticeably better at either half-walking-half-skiing down snow-pack steps or at walking with the camera in my hand.  Ah well, to the pond!

The day after a snowfall is just gorgeous, it really looked like a winter wonderland today.  :-)

The wood ducks were happy to pose for me.  The mallard seemed a little confused.  Was he seeing double?  Or did he want to be the star of the picture?  It's hard to tell what a duck is thinking......

Walking up from the pond along the road, I saw someone else taking a picture of this tree and agreed that it was worthy.

Walking up the mall, disappointed I hadn't seen the hawk by the pond, this guy came by to cheer me up!  Yep, he landed right on the snow.  He seemed to be looking for something.  I didn't see anything, maybe he had seen a squirrel surface there?  I don't think he brought anything with him, but it's hard to tell.

After a few minutes he had to go.

Right over to this tree!  He didn't stay long, he flew up towards the fountain.  Landed.  Then flew over towards the east side, staying south of the fountain.  It was so great to see him flying so low over the snow!

At the fountain, I spotted a falcon flying.  Yes, I'm finally starting to be able to tell a falcon from a pigeon in flight.....  Hahahaha, that sounds ridiculous but it's true!  Anyway, it turns out he wasn't out for a pleasure cruise - he needed to chase away the black vulture!

It was my first time seeing a black vulture in the park, and apparently the falcon didn't like it one little bit.

Up the the varied thrush station, where my patience was rewarded with seeing everyone's favorite vagrant.  I wonder if they are common anywhere, like robins are here.  And if a robin went there it would be a big deal.  So funny how the desirability of seeing a bird changes based on where you are.  In Cayman the mockingbirds were annoying.  And in Costa Rica the black vultures where literally everywhere.

Anyway, the camera battery just about gave out and I headed back home along the park road.  I saw this hawk who was either sitting very awkwardly or doing some sort of hawk yoga, I'm not sure which.........

A pretty day, but........ that's really enough snow for a while......


  1. Nice photographs especially of the juvenile Red-tailed Hawk. The view of Gapstow Bridge in the snow is well done. Great job!

  2. I think your pictures are wonderful! Thank you!

  3. Cool pic of the Black Vulture and Kestrel