Sunday, January 23, 2011

A very cold, mostly hawkless day in the park

Today Jack and I braved the freezing temperatures with the help of lots of layers and Toasty Toes - to the park!  The wood ducks were posing in the sun.

Further evidence that there are 2 wood duck drakes at the Pond.

One was sleepy.

Checking the time, post-nap.
We headed up to the fountain, and then the boathouse.  No hawks!  Well, I sort of caught sight of one, maybe, flying away.  It was too low and obscured for Jack to see.  It's iffy at best.We headed over to the maintenance shed to see if the thrush was there - nope.  The fox sparrow was.  We decided to keep moving. To the feeders!

There was only a little activity at the feeders, we sat down for a few minutes and the action picked up.  We saw a red-breasted nuthatch, but its visit was very brief, so.... no pictures.

This brown creeper cheered us up!

Juncos in the snow

The tufted titmouse is currently being served.  The junco is next. There is also a chickadee in line!

White-breasted nuthatch showing off its bill.

Red bellied woodpecker trying to figure out how to manage the suet.  Hilarious!  Like a cat with peanut butter, in bird form.

This goldfinch looks like its beak is chipped.  It looks like it's sneering!

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