Sunday, February 14, 2010

Harlem Hawk Walk 2010

We went on the 5th Annual Hawk Walk and it was great! We started out at the guide's apartment, looking from his roof, seeing hawks all over the place. Perched on building, just waiting for a camera with a good enough zoom. Flying by, far and occasionally near, scaring the pigeons. He decided to take us over to the river to look for eagles, a long shot, but you never know. On the way we saw this pretty house finch, then at the river saw this canvasback.

Also saw many more flying hawks. Although some of them might have been the same ones. It's quite difficult to tell even for experts. Anyway here's my best shot of a flying hawk. At Jackie Robinson park we saw two hawks who were swooshing from tree to tree, letting us get just a couple of shots each time. They were gorgeous! Jack got this hilarious picture of the hawk and squirrel. When we left the squirrel was still intact, I think the hawk got tired of the paparazzi. A great time, and many thanks to James for organizing and leading it! :-)

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