Monday, February 1, 2010

Central Park: Cooper's hawk!

It was still cold today (not as bad, about 30) but nice and sunny so I suited up and went to the park to see what I could find.
I started by the reservoir where there were lots of gulls and Canada geese, and a few hooded mergansers. So pretty! Then as I was wandering down to the ramble I passed an area that apparently sometimes has owls, but I didn't know and didn't really look all that closely. Oh well, maybe next time, I would love to see an owl!

Anyway, on to the ramble where I found an alarmed squirrel calling away but could not find a hawk. Kept on going and ran into this gorgeous Cooper's Hawk! It was near the feeders. Didn't see much at the feeders, there was a lot of work going on in the park, and not a lot of bird activity that I could see. Headed over the the AMNH and on the way saw what I think of as the museum falcon, managed to at least get a silhouette picture. Still can't really identify it.

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