Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Central Park Red Tailed Hawk

Went walking around the park. At balcony bridge saw a bunch of birds - downy woodpecker, European starling, several robins and sparrows. No great pictures. Walked all around the ramble, no hawks, not much activity at the feeders, it was weird. Then I decided to walk home staying mostly in the west side of the park. I went off the path across the lawn near the sheep meadow and the baseball diamonds, mostly to get away from some people who were walking my direction and my pace and annoying me with their conversation. I paused on the grass to check the trees, and a hawk flew right by me and settled down on a low branch in a tree not too far off! So I went over to take a look and some shots, when I went to get a shot of the front of the hawk it flew off across the path to another little lawn with pine trees trying to get a squirrel! It did not get one, and it settled into a tree over there. When I was making my way over there it flew off and I lost it. I hope it got a squirrel on its next pass!

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