Sunday, February 7, 2010

Croton Point Park: Bald Eagles!

Well after reading a couple of reports about wonderful bald eagle sightings at Croton Point Park, Jack and I rented a car and went up there. You know, just to check it out. And, let's get right to it - a beautiful adult bald eagle flew right above us! Later a juvenile did too, twice! It was really quite something. It was also freezing and super windy. But I digress. The first picture is the adult, the second the juvenile.

We also saw a downy wood-pecker, this red bellied wood-pecker, and then went to the feeders by the nature center. There we saw lots of sparrows (of course) along with mourning doves, dark eyed juncos and two European starlings. There was this little sparrow, either white-crowned or white-throated, in with all of the house sparrows. All in all, worth the trip!

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