Saturday, January 9, 2010

Central Park: Norhtern Shoveler, Ruddy Duck, Canada Goose, Hooded Merganser

It was quite cold today but clear and sunny, so we walked around the reservoir. First we saw a bunch of Canada Geese and ducks standing on the ice, all tucked in. It turned out the ducks included Northern Shovelers, our first time seeing them! The first picture is a Northern Shoveler, that we saw later. As we continued around, we saw a pretty large group of Ruddy Ducks, our first time seeing them. The second shot is some ruddy ducks. Most of them were tucked in, this one peeked out briefly.

The third shot is a Canada Goose standing on one foot, tucked in. Trying its best to conserve heat! Then one that was out and about, posing for us. We love it when they pose and make sure to catch the light just right for us! Then we saw some Hooded Mergansers, another first time sighting. I really wanted to see these, so I was happy and excited! They are too quick for a lot of good pictures, though. There's one far-ish away, its crest (hood?) is fully deployed. There was a male-female pair nearer us, so the next shot is the female with her crest deployed and the light shining through. It was so beautiful! Then a shot of the pair of them. In this shot the male's crest is only partially deployed. It was a nice walk, glad we went even though it was cold!

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