Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Central Park: Wood duck! Hawk! Other Stuff!

This was a magical day at the park! I had read a couple of postings that there was a wood duck at the lake. So I went to try to find it, not really getting my hopes too high. The postings were for *a* wood duck at the lake. And I have basically no idea how to find it. But I was incredibly lucky and saw it right off, getting close enough for these great photos! The wood duck is showing the mallard who is boss. And then floating serenely. He took off shortly, and I didn't see him again. Thank you wood duck! Still on the lake were the northern shovelers.

I heard odd sounding calls from the ramble so I went that way, and found this hawk eating a squirrel! Someone eventually came along and explained that the calls were the alarm call of the squirrel, and they usually meant a predator was around. And that usually means a red tailed hawk. This time I found the hawk myself, instead of finding a crowd already looking at it. :-) Walking who knows where because I got lost in the ramble, I saw a couple of flyovers from hawks. Then on the east side near a playground saw this pretty cardinal. Decided to go by the zoo and see what birds I could find in the harbor seal area. There I found a pair of red-breasted mergansers and a pair of common goldeneyes. It was great!

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