Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Buzzards in Houston

Jack and I were in Houston this weekend, running registration for a dance convention. I noticed a large bird - I thought it was a hawk - flying above the hotel atrium, it was very cool to see! Then saw another, then another. Eventually there were about 8 of them flying around or perched on the edge of the roof of the building next door. Someone who lives close to there said they were buzzards. Which is much more likely than hawks, it's not normal for hawks to group up like that. Anyway the buzzards seemed pretty interested in that particular building. It was cool to see, but a little creepy. I mean, really, what was up there? Sadly I didn't have a camera, just my phone, so these pics are the best I got. We estimate that the windows in the building are at laest 4x4, so you can see in the second picture what a huge wingspan they have!

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