Friday, January 29, 2010

Central Park: Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker! Oh, and a hawk, too.

Today even though it was freezing out I went to the park again, because it was so sunny and pretty outside. :-) Not as much activity as yesterday, though. What a difference 20 degrees make! Anyway, by Balcony Bridge, this gorgeous yellow bellied sap sucker flew right over and started showing off for me. He even let me take a half decent picture!
Then somewhere near Strawberry Fields I found this hawk, who didn't appear too intent on hunting, since there were squirrels who apparently had not noticed him scampering about in the same tree. After that I saw a few ducks, a robin, some blue jays, and a ton of puffed up sparrows. Saw a pair of downy woodpeckers by the feeders, one at the feeder and one on a tree, pecking away!

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