Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring has (partly) sprung

Warning: no pictures!

Today was the second AMNH spring walk, and it was 45 degrees and a tiny bit rainy.  It did not feel like the quintessential spring day........ but the birding was great!  I took a quick look at the upper lobe overlook spot before meeting the group, and I found 3 black-crowned night herons in a tree, 2 cormorants circling around and then swimming in the lake, and the usual suspects.  I also saw a woodpecker that I thought was a hairy, and I got all excited when I saw a little yellow bird which turned out to be a goldfinch.

With the group, we saw all of that and more!  We saw several flickers, mostly flying around.  I love to see them fly!  I mean, yes, they are gorgeous when they are sitting still.  But I just love that flash of yellow under their wings!  It actually turned out to be a 5 woodpecker day - flickers, red-bellied, downy, hairy, and sapsucker.  I love it!  We also saw a couple of male towhees working out a territorial dispute, a pine warbler trying to blend in with kinglets, a kinglet trying to blend in with chickadees........ Oh, and a palm warbler!

It turned out to be a great walk, although I am very much looking forward to some warmer days.....

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