Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A bright spot on a beautiful day

What a gorgeous day!  Absolutely perfect weather.  Wonderful day for the AMNH walk!  Not a lot of birds though.  Well, except for the hordes of these guys:

yellow-rumped warbler
 And these guys, who seemed like they wanted to dive-bomb us a couple of times:
palm warbler
 Other than that, pretty quiet.  But there was a particularly bright spot.  This guy was taken to rehabbers and released a day or two ago, and he's been the talk of the park ever since.

prothonetary warbler
I love this picture even though it's not very sharp, with just a little stipe of sunlight.  Wow!
prothonetary warbler
 He was pretty confiding.  In this shot you can see that part of his upper mandible (beak) is missing.

prothonetary warbler
  That was all we had time for on the walk, so afterwards I headed over to the oven hoping to find a green heron I had heard some rumors about.  It turns out this was a spectacularly easy bird to find.

green heron
 Look how gorgeous!!!!!
green heron
 Back at the upper lobe, this egret was in the middle of swallowing an impressive fish.
great egret
 It's not going down easy.
 That was all we had time for on the walk, 

 And this parula came by, my first of the season!  So a day not filled with huge numbers of birds, but filled with wonderful sightings of gorgeous birds.  And then I had to high-tail it home or be late for the rest of my day.
northen parula

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