Tuesday, April 14, 2015

AMNH spring walk, this time with field sparrows!

Feeling more spring-y all the time!  It was a little dreary today with the clouds, but the temperature was quite nice, as were the birds.

On the way up to meet the group, I enjoyed watching a group of 6 cormorants swimming around together, catching things, and generally being gorgeous.  It helped that I had to look past a kinglet to do it.  Ah, the riches of spring!  Then I saw the coot sitting out on a rock so I got to see it's feet, I'm a little heartbroken that the pictures didn't come out.  Coots have amazingly awesome feet!

double-crested cormorant

Met up with the group, and we started seeing cool stuff right away.  We saw the first common yellow-throat of the year, and as usual he eluded my camera.  Beautiful little guy though.  Lots of black-crowned night herons.  And some fancy sparrows.
song sparrow

Every time I see a towhee my day gets better.
eastern towhee
 Today's star at the feeders was this purple finch.
purple finch
 And this yellow-rump, which did not stay around very long at all!  What a tease.
yellow-rumped warbler
 This rusty blackbird was by the oven.  He doesn't know he's famous.
rusty blackbird
 This cormorant has more fish than it can handle.  It had to let this big fellow go, couldn't manage the swallowing of it.
double-crested cormorant
 This heron wants a chance at it!
black-crowned night heron
 Making our way back we saw a house wren, and when trying to relocate the wren we saw these field sparrows!
field sparrow
 A kinglet saw us off, meeting us briefly at the upper lobe bridge.
ruby-crowned kinglet
 As usual I have a post-group bird, this time a brown creeper.  And this one allowed a picture, which is rare indeed!
brown creeper

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