Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Walking through a Winter Wonderland

Yes, yes, I know, it's been done.  But it's so appropriate!  We got about 8 inches of snow yesterday, and the park today was ~~gorgeous~~ for the first AMNH winter bird walk with Paul.

See?  It was a gorgeous walk up to meet the group!

These happy cardinals agreed with me.

The ducks had a little open water, and these shovelers were showing off their ability to swim in tight circles.
northern shoveler 
So pretty!  I met up with the group, and we headed back down to the ducks.

This was the tallest of the wood ducks, with his lady friend.
wood duck

Duck lust: a short story.  Starring a duck of questionable (possibly mixed) ancestry and the pureblood mallard he seduced.
American black duck, mallard

This is a raven.  Yes it is.  It was actually really cool to see it flying, I could see a big difference between it and a crow.

fox sparrow

At the feeders, this oriole ruled the roost.
Baltimore oriole, goldfinch

We headed over to try to find an owl, and we did! So gorgeous!
long-eared owl

We couldn't have woken it up.  It was overlooking a group of kids sledding, with all of the shrieking that goes along with it.  :-)
long-eared owl

A last pretty snowy scene.

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