Tuesday, October 22, 2013

One last gorgeous fall day

What a day!  It's the last in this series of AMNH walks, and we were once again quite lucky with weather.  Sunny (to start anyway) and quite warm for October, it felt like we should be seeing tons of warblers although it's more towards the season for fancy ducks!  We actually had a bit of both.

We started out with this ruby-crowned kinglet earning its name.  I love seeing the crown!

ruby-crowned kinglet
This yelow-rumped warbler was nearby, for a little while the warbler and the kinglet were in the same tree and we were all getting confused giving directions to two different birds.  :-)  This is obviously a great problem to have while birding!
yellow-rumped warbler
 This is a Cooper's hawk.  It has managed once again to give an appearance so brief that only a terrible picture was possible.  I remember seeing them perched pretty often a couple of years ago, I didn't realize how lucky that was!  Maybe this winter I'll get to see more of them again.
Cooper's hawk
 This kinglet didn't show me its crown but it did come closer for a much clearer picture.
ruby-crowned kinglet
 There were a bunch of chipping sparrows, yellow-rumped warblers, and juncos in this field.  The juncos were the slowest, so that's what I got pictures of.  The chipping sparrows remind me of cedar waxwings in their ability to disappear into a tree and then reappear when flying to another tree.  It was amazing!
dark-eyed junco
 Several crows flew by, one at a time, as we made our way up to the reservoir.  A gull went over and checked this one out.
American crow, gull
 At the reservoir, the fancy ducks are just starting to arrive.  A couple of cormorants were there too.
double-crested cormorant
 And a grebe was hanging out with some ruddy ducks!  The ruddy ducks were all tucked in.  I can't wait to see their ridiculous blue bills!  I think they might be my favorite ducks.  Don't tell the other ducks I said so.
pied-billed grebe, ruddy duck
 Two of these choppers did a quite low fly-over, it was somewhat ominous.  Is Obama in town or something?
ominous chopper
 On our way out this yellow-rump was showing off how it earned its name.  Well done!
yellow-rumped warbler

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