Monday, October 14, 2013

Prospect Park with AMNH

Back to Prospect Park with Paul guiding the AMNH group, and what a day we had!  The weather was amazing, clear and a perfect temperature.  Quite a difference from the rain we have seen there in the past.......

It was a great walk, going through many different areas of the park, and we saw a wide variety of habitats and birds.  It's so much more wild than Central Park, a great change!

eastern phoebe
There were a bunch of flickers foraging in a little grassy area, I like this shot even though it's blurry, because I can see some of the yellow under the wings.  Goodbye buddy!
northern flicker
This guy was so happy, he kept distracting me from whatever the group was trying to see.  He sounded just like a cartoon.  I guess he was celebrating his epic acorn find.
red-bellied woodpecker

hermit thrush
It was quite a day for kinglets!  I like how this one's golden crown blends with the yellow leaf.
golden-crowned kinglet
Yes, this was a Cooper's hawk.  Or at least that's what Paul claimed.  The whole thing was over quite quickly.  Earlier we had a nice view of a harrier, but I didn't get pictures.  When we saw this one I thought it was the harrier again but it was not!
Cooper's hawk
We saw a red-tailed hawk flying a few times.  Love that!
red-tailed hawk

common yellow-throat

downy woodpecker


yellow-rumped warbler

mute swan
We followed a yellow-rumped warbler to this pine tree, and there was a pine warbler there too!
pine warbler
More kinglets.  Always there were more kinglets!
ruby-crowned kinglet
And wood ducks at the very end of the walk.  A great time!
wood ducks

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