Thursday, February 20, 2014

Normal birds on a nice day

A nice day!  It's not freezing!  There's no rain or snow or their evil hybrid, the dreaded wintry mix.!  Okay, it's hardly balmy, but still - time for a nice walk.  :-)

I headed over to the pond with Jack who is finally up to leaving the apartment, and we saw this hawk scaring the ducks.

red-tailed hawk

And there was a coot hanging out by the bridge!  It has a fish it's tearing bits off of and eating, which you can barely see in this shot.  But what you can see (sort of at least) is its crazy coot foot!  :-)
American coot

A wood duck, daring me to find a more gorgeous animal to take a picture of.
wood duck

It's hard for ducks to get private time.  This onlooker did ~not~ mind his own business.

Yes, yes, the same wood duck, now ready for his close-up.
wood duck

That about wore Jack out, and he headed back home to nap while I continued on towards the ramble.  This flicker was near the boathouse.  Bit of a pink face.
northern flicker

Creeper!  At the feeders.
brown creeper

The lady of the hour, holding court.  At least four photographers had lenses only for her.
Baltimore oriole, female

This house finch was just as happy to not have quite so much attention.
house finch

Oof.  This poor guy.  Wonder what happened.
house finch

Check out the ring on this female mallard!  Never seen a prominent neck ring on a female like that.

At the end of the day, it's hard not to love a bunch of shovelers.
northern shoveler

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