Friday, March 9, 2012

Birding the beautiful resort grounds

This morning I got over to the pool area early to meet Ersel, and we wandered around the grounds finding interesting birds to entertain us.  :-)  Orioles are even prettier when the background is the ocean!

Baltimore Oriole
There were I think 4 red-legged honeycreepers flitting about, I like this picture showing the yellow under the male's wings.
Red-legged Honeycreeper
Yet another kind of euphonia!
Yellow-throated Euphonia pair
The male left and this juvenile came over, prompting the female to make her exit.
Yellow-throated Euphonia juvenile and (exiting) female
The red-legged honeycreeper showing off its incredible cap.
Red-legged Honeycreeper
And here they are, a happy couple.
Red-legged Honeycreeper pair
There were several warblers and vireos around, but they were pretty much mystery birds to me.
Mystery...... Vireo? Warbler?
I love this angle on the streaked flycatcher!  Check out that beak - it's pretty serious!
Streaked Flycatcher
It was a treat to see this summer tanager just about every day.  Come visit me in New York little buddy!  :-)
Summer Tanager
We saw one of the motmots, but it didn't want pictures really.
Blue-crowned Motmot
Finally an okay shot of the Cherrie's tanager!  I always forget to even try to get pictures of these guys, because they are just everywhere.
Cherrie's Tanager
Aha!  A warbler I can identify!
Chestnut-sided Warbler
Sloth!  We really got spoiled seeing so many sloths this trip.

Black-hooded Antshrike
Ersel spotted this hawk and I couldn't see it, until he said, "No!  It's not far!  You're looking the hard way!  Look the easy way!"  And there it was, clear as can be.  Sadly it didn't stay for long, so it's a blurry picture.  But that was the first time Ersel has seen that kind of hawk on the property, so it was pretty special.  :-)
Broad-winged Hawk
There was a stingless bee colony in this tree, and these birds - I think they are purple martins but I am not at all sure - were coming by for snacks.  By the time I moved over to the other side to get good light they had gone!  Well, it was great to see them and know where they were headed, to be able to get a picture with them actually in the frame.
Purple Martins?
Again the golden-hooded tanager defeated my camera.  Someday I hope to get nice pictures of them.  And again a great photobomb - this warbler wanted its share of the spotlight!
Golden-hooded Tanager with Mystery Warbler
After breakfast Jack and I walked around just a little, and found this iguana apparently half done with its meal.  It was crazy-looking!
Spiny-tailed Iguana with Halloween Crab

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