Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yellow Billed Cuckoo! I think.......

So as I was leaving the park yesterday I saw a bird fly into a tree near the ladies pavillion.  It wasn't a starling, or a grackle, or a robin so I gave it a look. It was about starling-sized.  I didn't get a close view, but I did get a few pictures.  It looked grey (with brownish undertones, not blueish undertones) with a white bottom face and a greyish top face.  I only saw the tail from the back and sides, I never saw the underside of the tail.

The bird looked like it was hunched over, like a fairly bulky man in a trench coat trying to not be noticed by the police.

I eventually left it in the tree, having no clear idea what it might be.  After seeing the pictures, I think it was likely a yellow-billed cuckoo!  The shape, coloring, and bill are right.

And that looks like an eye ring.....  Yep, my best ID right now is yellow-billed cuckoo.  I wish I had figured out a way to get a closer look and better pictures!  Lesson for myself - your eyes are getting better at figuring out if they are seeing something unusual - trust them, and when they tell you to pay attention, do it!  :-)

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