Monday, September 12, 2011

AMNH Walk followed by Hummingbirds and Green Heron

What a gorgeous day!  Not a lot of warblers around, but really a wonderful day to be in the park.  During Paul's walk, there were a few interesting birds but none of them wanted pictures.  I love those walks.  The whole experience is so friendly and inclusive.  Definitely the kind of birder I want to be.

After the walk I went through the upper lobe quickly, just long enough to see this waterthrush in a tree.  There were some workers nearby chipping downed branches, and the birds seemed a little out of sorts about it, maybe that's why this guy was way up there.  He was just bobbing his tail and looking around.  :-)

Over to the oven, hoping for hummingbirds.  While waiting for them, I noticed that this green heron had appeared!

It started out on "my" side of the fallen tree, and migrated to the other side, finally on the leafy fallen branch.  What a treat!

Oh, and yes, there was a hummingbird.

I think there was only one, so it had to be extra gorgeous.

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