Saturday, October 9, 2010

A spectacular fall day in the park

Entered 77th
On the way to upper lobe, before crossing the road, mystery bird (warbler?) - gonna be a good day!
Bridge, nothing.  Just tourists.  oh, a few mallards are back
Looking at the big tree, looks like 2 yellow bellied sap suckers are over there.  ok, let's head there!

On the way to big tree, a common yt briefly, a couple of thrushes that the hordes of catbirds chased away

at the big tree, kinglet, ybss, a thrush or two, some people talked about a phoebe but i didn't see it, some white throated sparrows, a song sparrow
there was really quite a bit of activity here, it was hard to leave, but there are no seats, so, off i went

up to the meadow - there was some activity on the way,, but nothing i could id

in the maintenance meadow, lots of white throated sparrows - it as all them instead of house sparrows!  a thrush, dark eyed junco

black throated blue

chickadees - here is where i really started seeing chickadees everywhere.  it was crazy!

over to the oven

on the way, another wren

at the oven

on the way i pretty much just ignored everything, i was tired and just wanted to sit.  although i did see a flicker go through, i think.  i didn't get a great look at it once it perched so it might have been another ybss but i thought it was a flicker.
oh, and a wren when i passed the gill.  those little dudes are elusive!  i think house.  maybe.  well, a wren, anyway!

sitting at the oven on the rocks in the middle
family of cardinals
blue jays
called Mom back, talked to her for a while (away from the couple of other birders).
hawk flyover across in front of the buildings by the left treeline (twice)
went down to the concrete seat - hummingbird!!!!  Briefly
c yellow throat, out and preening
some interesting sparrows - song?  swamp?  maybe i should start learning the sparrows this year.  that's what i told myself last year.  hhhmmmmmmmm............
hummingbird is back!  :-)  just the one, a straggler i guess.
more chickadees
some little dude up top opening up a seed and then the little tail came twirling down, i don't know who he was

it was so beautiful sitting here, but now all this time sitting in the shade, i'm chilly - gotta go!  there's no place to sit in the sun here, so i'm off

more chickadees!
over to the feeders which are now back - chickadees everywhere!  it was pretty hilarious.  and one downy, having a bit of a showdown with a chickadee on the same feeder.

okay, now to the gill

on the way, something that had a black cap like a chickadee but a white throat.  saw only very briefly in the top of a tree.  the beak reminded me of a catbird.  i have no idea what it was.  Note: later I realized this was a white-breasted nuthatch.
by the pond, a tufted titmouse.  yep, definitely!  no picture though, he was outta there.
the birds just seemed really fast overall today, there was a lot i saw that i just couldn't get pictures of

another thrush

following the stream, over to the wood bridge, a red-belly or two by the red-belly tree.  no more spray paint. maybe the storm gave the park higher priority trees to take care of and this one will stay for a little while?

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