Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another spectacular fall day in the park!


upper lobe bridge - quiet, quiet
upper lobe viewing tree - at first quiet, then grackles and robins
fancy sparrows
quiet again, then here come the "biker gang of grackles"
because they were being hunted by a cooper's hawk!
found the hawk perched inside that little lawn there

it flew off again, we lost it, hopefully it found a tasty lunch!

brown creeper
a few fancy sparrows (song? def. white throat) and a thrush
over to near tupelo
nuthatch way across, high up (spotted when looking for a flicker that flew in)

decided to go over to the oven
on the way
fancy sparrows
sat on the rocks for a while, saw a couple of different wrens, one got chased over to us
eastern towhee
brown creeper
northern parula

this was a great spot!

okay, heading over to the oven
azalea pond - kinglets!  at least one ruby crowned - there were i think about 5 of them right there
wrens - they are everywhere!
the wren that forgot it was supposed to be hiding

cruise by the feeders, chickadees and i think goldfinches
really a lot of activity - we spent some time just taking the wide view and noticing the amount of activity all over the field, the feeders, the trees, without trying to id individual birds, it was cool

okay, now really to the oven

sat on the concrete step
yellow rumped warbler (?)
quiet at first
flycatchers (2 or 3)

flicker flying into the brush right by us

leaving the oven, heading out - to the fountain then across to the bridle path, up to 72nd
on the way out, golden crowned kinglets!

looked like about 3 in a tree zipping around - they are way too fast!

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