Thursday, October 14, 2010

AMNH Thursday Walk

with Harold, Tom, Christine

white crowned sparrow

couple of flycatchers (alone)
couple ybss (alone but tried to show people)
one red-bellied wp (other people saw this one)
phoebe (Tom explained)

upper lobe
bridge - on trees on big lake side, thrush in the brush and then on a branch in the tree
trees on lobe side, kinglet briefly, then it took off
several robins, a catbird or two

mulch path
more thrushes

towhee on branch

tupelo meadow

dark eyed junco in grass, fence, etc
white throated sparrows
song sparrows
chickadees on fence, tree, etc

off on my own to find woodpeckers
dead squirrel
tufted titmouse

back with group

white breasted nuthatch on tree by us
chickadees on feeders and everywhere
various sparrows
Dan came over and told us about the tree at the point, it's still busy

off on my own, just some thrushes
I missed a hawk fly-through!  followed it a bit, didn't see it

Tom had to go, I took people over to The Tree
ybss, kinglets (both), yellow rump, possible parola, female black throated blue, someone claimed a possible cyt but i didn't see it
wood duck

walked Harold and Eleanor back to the entrance
a bit awkward

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