Thursday, July 1, 2010

Central Park on a gorgeous summer day

Today we had just amazingly beautiful weather, so I went to the park.  I only had a couple of hours because I had to get ready for work this afternoon, so I had to keep things moving.  I took the train up to AMNH and crossed over to the lake, as usual.  Went around the lake and over to the wood bridge, didn't see anything of note.  Several robins, grackles, and starlings feeding their young.  Nobody at the redbelly nest that got infiltrated by the flicker, but I didn't wait around.

At the oven that birder guy was in a boat with his 2 kids and started talking to me, that was weird because I didn't recognize him at first.  Hahahaha, poor guy, he must think I find him annoying!

Checked on the beehive.

Then out the point, across the boathouse, checked the hawk's nest (nobody visible) and headed down to the pond.  The pond was definitely the place to be!

The ducklings were milling about.

The goslings - almost grown up now - were there also.  They don't look like goslings any more, they just look like geese that are slightly smaller than the adults.

In front of the bridge this great white egret posed for me and another birder lady for a while, he was quite cooperative.

After leaving there I walked around and saw two black-crowned night herons flying towards the bridge together, looking actually quite flirty with each other in the air.  They settled down near the egret, so I headed back there.  One was on the rock to the left, where there is nearly always a duck or goose or turtle.  The other was in the tree behind the red-wing's tree, and actually quite high up.  There was another birder lady there looking at the one in the tree, she had not seen the one on the rock fly in.  I got to point it out to her, it was fun.  :-)

It was great to get back out, and it was really a lovely day.

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