Monday, July 26, 2010

Central Park: High spirits, Low water

I finally made it back out to the park today!  Yes, it was under 90 degrees and the humidity was under 70 percent, which means it was the nicest day in quite some time.  The summer has really been brutal!  I didn't have too long so I decided to just walk around the lake.

Right after crossing over to the lake, I saw these turtles lined up on the (mostly) submerged log.  They looked so pretty in the sunshine!  I haven't seen that log there before, I don't know if it's new, or if it was already there but underneath the water.  The water is really low right now, I was surprised.

At the bridge I saw this lovely water thrush, who was too fast and in too much shadow to get a good picture of.  Until he came right over and I could get one looking down on him.  Hard to tell, but this is in fact a gorgeous water thrush.  He was hanging out in the upper lobe near the bridge, going from side to side and up to the fallen tree and back.

The water was so low that on the other side of the bridge there was a mud flat!

From there I walked around to the stonelet bench and the wooden bridge, somewhere along there I saw some robins splashing about and on this branch.  There were of course robins of every variety everywhere, I just thought it was a particularly pretty scene.

At the oven this black crowned night heron decided it didn't have to fly away from me.  I tried to convince it I didn't see it, and after a bit it ignored me.

It went down to the water and stuck its beak in and jiggled it about a bit.  I've seen them do this at the pond also, I have no idea what's going on.  Are they trying to attract little fishies?  Are they finding plants of some sort?  What's the deal?

At the point I saw this pair of motley looking cardinals.  The female was really shy at first, but the male convinced her to come pose for me.

When it was his turn he seemed to know he wasn't looking his best.  This was his least motley shot.  Some others were just too embarrassing to put out there.  They actually followed me down the path quite a ways, but I told them firmly that there would be no more pictures until they cleaned themselves up a bit.

I checked on the beehive, it looks good to me.  I mean, there are lots of bees there, anyway.  It was really calm, not a lot of bees flying around, they were all inside.

That's it for today, had to get home to do laundry, plus it was getting hotter and hotter.  It was so wonderful to be back in the park!

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