Thursday, October 2, 2008

Exeter: The Room

It was quite an afternoon at or room. First a giraffe came to the river. This is quite rare! Our ranger called to confirm that he was taking us to see a sister property, and I said, "Just so you know, there's a giraffe by room 4." He said, "Oh, stop making stuff up. See you in a few minutes." It was hilarious! We had been bragging about how many giraffes we had been seeing. :-) We went to see the sister property, and then when we got back I settled in for more watching the nature channel.

This crested barbet kept me company for a while, which was lovely as Jack was napping. Then I spotted the giraffe across the river and through the .... field. And an elephant parade started! There were a total of about 30 elephants parading past, with the giraffe looking on, just as I was. It was beautiful!

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