Saturday, October 4, 2008

Exeter: Morning Drive

Our final game drive of this trip, and it was packed. First we found a lion and stayed with it for a while, until we left it because it was too boring, and we had more exciting lions to go see. We went to see these lions eating an impala they had just killed - you can see its head in the bottom left area. Lions are not neat and clean and polite eaters. They are messy and pushy, and there was a lot of growling and swatting at each other. Intense! A jackal was waiting around for scraps, but I don't think there was any left after this crew.

Then we saw this vulture, I am not sure but I think an African white-backed vulture. Followed closely by the African hoopoe, we saw these a few times but this is the best picture. A very cool looking bird! Then there was this grey duiker, another small bambi-ish antelope. Then we found this leopard, and older one (you can tell by the thick jowls) with leftover impala in the tree. He brought it down and ate it while we tried not to gag from the scent. Crossing the river we saw again the goliath heron and croc, this time with what I think is a blacksmith plover.

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