Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Exeter: Afternoon Drive

This afternoon was an amazing experience. First, this is the best picture we got of the starling. We saw these all the time, but this is a great picture with the light hitting it just right. Then another giraffe sighting, this is getting to be par for the course! Then the zebra, with impala and waterbuck friends nearby.

Then we went to the dam and waiting for the buffalo herd to come (we got a call they were on the way). When we got there the dam was empty. They started trickling in over the crest of the hill, slowly then faster, and they just kept coming! They filled the dam pretty much completely. In this shot, you can see that the dam is ..... full. There are still more coming over the hill. A contingent has decided not to even try to get into the dam, but go to the next water. Across a field, a hyena is watching, just as interested as we were! Much later we went back to the dam, the buffalo had moved on, and these rhino were there.

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