Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Singita: Morning Drive

Our last game drive at Singita, and it was a doozy! First this lion walking towards us and looking quite magical. Then we spotted this family of drawf mongoose. I had seen a family of banded mongoose at the camp one day, these were about half the size. Next a little egret, the lack of plumes on the head indicates that this is a juvenile. Near the egret we also saw a croc in the water, and some hippo in the water.

Again a great sighting of elephants, followed by what looks like a steenbok which Jack calls Bambi. Oddly enough a hippo went trotting by, surprisingly light on its feet. Then some waterbuck learning to fight and use their horns, while a fish eagle checks out its favorite lunch spot. Finishing up with our second giraffe sighting of the drive. What a way to end our time at this lodge!

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