Monday, September 29, 2008

Singita: Morning Drive

What a drive! First we put ourselves in the path of these elephants. As you can see in the first picture, so did a brave bird. :-) The baby elephant was checking out the car. The others were completely unimpressed and went around us like the car was a rock. Then another giraffe sighting. Then the leopards, mother and son. We almost missed them! The ranger and tracker were looking for the leopard and following tracks near the staff village. They gave up, saying we'd check back later, and we drove away from the staff village on the main road. Then our fellow tourist in the back said, "Stop! Leopard! Wait! Stop! Leopard!" several times. And there were two gorgeous leopards that we followed for a while.

While following the leopard we noticed this snake skin hanging on some branches, still wet from dew. We found the buffalo herd and saw this calf getting a meal on the go! Then a sighting of a cheetah, who crosses through this lodge's area every 4-5 days. We spent the last hour walking back to the lodge through the bush, and saw this giraffe walking away from us. It's quite rare to even get a glimpse of them when on foot, so we were lucky.

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