Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Exeter: The Room

Our first afternoon at Exeter and it's shaping up to be quite something! From our patio here, we have already seen several vervet monkeys and elephants. After a quick lunch, while we sat exhausted on the deck, the waiter asked if I wanted fruit salad. As this was our hottest afternoon, I said that fruit salad sounded great! We passed the time watching the croc in the river. When the croc went for something! It missed the first thing it went for, but the splash attracted our attention and we saw it go for this bushbuck, which almost got away but the croc got its foot and dragged it back in. There was a lot of thrashing and splashing. The whole thing was extremely exciting, and this was the best picture we managed. After that, this elephant posed in front of a tree that he seemed quite attached to.

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