Monday, May 9, 2016

Spring Migration is ON! :-)

I made it to the park today, taking advantage of the break from rain.  And I'm so glad I did!  It was one of those birds-everywhere days that are such treasures.  My first official greeter was this black-throated blue who waited through a lot of out-of-focus pictures to give me a little over-the-shoulder flirting.
black-throated blue warbler
 Several warblers declined to be photographed, and then this cuckoo popped up for no particular reason.  And then disappeared and reappeared several time.  Thanks Buddy!
yellow-billed cuckoo
 The adults are not my favorites, but goslings are irresistibly adorable.
Canada goose
 Orioles!  They were fast and gorgeous!
Baltimore oriole
 There were 2 pairs of orioles flirting it up.  It looks like a great place for a nest to me, but of course I'm not an oriole.
Baltimore oriole
 Tanager in the sun!
scarlet tanager
 I saw an ovenbird who left frustratingly quickly, and this waterthrush was waiting for me as I searched for the ovenbird.
 Mystery thrush.  Probably either hermit (I did see one of those for-pretty-sure) or a grey-cheeked (others reported these).  I'm still not great at figuring out thrushes.

Tomorrow maybe I'll make it to turtle pond where apparently it was awesome also!  :-)

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