Monday, April 25, 2016

A day with a pretty good walk and lots of balcony time

I love this balcony.  Like, I mean, I **love** it.  Did I show you the balcony yet?  I mean, not the actual balcony, but the view?  It's incredible!

Oh, yeah, and there are sometimes birds here, too.

rufous-tailed hummingbird

blue-grey tanager

roadside hawk

Eventually we managed to go for a walk, down the nature trail.  It was not super-birdy, but we did find the one I was hoping for!  Oh, and we also saw a mystery hummingbird that I *think* was a purple-crowned fairy.  :-)

golden-naped woodpecker


black-hooded antshrike

chestnut-backed antbird

This is the luckiest trail ever - 4-leaf clover everywhere!  :-)

More balcony time.  Another sloth.  This place is amazing.

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