Friday, July 29, 2011

Northern Waterthrush and Yellow Warbler!

Today I went into the ramble in Central Park briefly, mostly because I was nearby, and, well, why not.  I didn't really expect to see anything unusual, maybe a black crowned night heron (which I did, once at the upper lobe and again on the west shore of the lake a bit south of the upper lobe) and it was threatening to rain, so I brought my rain jacket and umbrella.  Which all adds up to a full heavy bag, which leads to a trade-off decision.  Yep, emergency binocs only, and no camera.  No camera!

So when I saw the northern waterthrush I could only take pictures with my phone!

I'm sure as phones go it's quite a nice camera.  However, taking bird pictures with it.........

Video was even more of a challenge.  Sorry for the shaking!

After that I did get quite a good look at a yellow warbler, but the pictures are much worse - I ~think~ the warbler is in the frame, based on my memory of taking the pictures...... but I cannot find it.  :-(  I'm so tempted to go back tomorrow with real binocs and my regular camera!

Hello, old friend.  I'm so glad to see you again!

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