Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baltimore Oriole nest in central park south end

So today I walked around the pond - definitely the place to be in the summer - and saw some favorites.  More on that later.  Then I went over to see if that budgerigar would come around again, and to check for the pair of orioles I saw there on Sunday.  Well, no parakeets were evident, but the orioles were there, and so was their nest!

Baltimore oriole boasting about this amazing nest!
My most favoritest Baltimore oriole nest

I'm completely thrilled that I got to see this!  :-)  

The pond was great again today, with two black crowned night herons, a great egret having a snack, a bullfrog swimming and singing, an eastern kingbird, and the annoying music guy was not there!  Ah, bliss.

Black crowned night heron, this one likes trees
Black crowned night heron, this one likes water

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