Saturday, March 5, 2011

Owls for Jack at last!

Today was cloudy but warm, and we headed out to see what was going on in the park. At the pond, no wood ducks, some courting behavior on the part of some mallards, but the females seemed generally uninterested.

We did see the red headed woodpecker briefly, but lost him pretty quickly.  Still no red on the head that I could see.  I was hoping to get good pictures from both sides and see if I could find any red, but, that will have to wait for another day.  :-)
On the way to the boathouse we saw the hooded merganser, off the tip of the point and heading towards the oven.

Walking out onto the point we saw this lovely flicker!

And this lovely white breasted nuthatch.  There were also chickadees, titmice, and cardinals keeping these two company.

At the oven, we ran into a birder who gave us a very interesting tidbit - she had heard a rumor about where some long eared owls were!  Well, that made our decision easy - we would go on an owl quest!  She came with us, because she hadn't been able to find them earlier, but maybe with three of us we would have better luck.  Off we went, and when we found the area we split up and looked and looked.

She found them!  Or rather she found someone else looking at them - that always helps.  :-)  My first angle I could definitely see an owl, but not really a face.

This was the best angle, face-wise.

There was another one hidden back in there too!  It was so wonderful to see them again, and I'm thrilled that Jack got to see them this time!

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