Monday, March 7, 2011

I can't get enough of these gorgeous owls!

Today I went to the dentist again, for a cleaning but ended up getting a tooth worked on.  Seriously, I thought I was done with that, but apparently not.  Anyway, I went to the park afterwards to console myself and wait for the Novocain to wear off.  All I had to do was not smile or talk, and I would be fine!

To the pond - it's finally thawed, and I enjoyed looking at the water.  The mostly empty water.  Specifically empty of wood ducks!  And the trees were empty of hawks!  Oh, pond, I guess I'll try you again another day.

To the carousel, where the non-red-headed red-headed woodpecker eluded me.  I started to suspect that this would be more a day of walking than of looking at my favorite birds, but pressed on.
To the owl tree, which was a complete success!

I mean, sure, I had to carefully ignore the couple that wanted to make out.  And step gingerly around the sleeping homeless guy.  But it was totally worth it, to see two gorgeous long-eared owls!

Yo, buddy - it was the jays that woke you up, why are you glaring at me???

Eventually I moved on, and went over to the gill, where it really sounded like spring.  I don't know bird songs so I can't say exactly what I heard, but it sounded like a symphony with many different voices.  At one point there was a teeny black-capped chickadee, a small downy, and this red-bellied woodpecker all in the same tree, just sort of lined up in size order.

At the oven someone pointed out this song sparrow to me.  No hawks, but the song sparrow was still a treat!  So energetic - I couldn't even zoom the camera in hardly, it wouldn't stay in the frame!

The turtles were out in force.  It was lovely to see them lined up sunning themselves, pretty much anywhere they could - the lake was just lined with them.

These chickadees chased each other around for a while.  So lovely!

As I was leaving the northern shovelers had woken up and were showing off their best features.  This is I think the most fierce I have ever seen a shoveler look!

It was a great day birding, even though I did end up smiling and talking - or trying to anyway - and my mouth was still a bit numb when I finally made it home.

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