Monday, December 6, 2010

Wintertime at the pond

I had just a little while to walk around the pond today between appointments.  Almost as soon as I got to the pond I saw a Cooper's hawk circling above, it looked injured.  It was flapping a lot more than usual, and its soaring time was quite a bit shorter than usual.  One wing looked wrong, like it had a notch taken out of it.  Some sort of tussle I guess.  It stayed near me for a long time, long enough for me to think I could get a picture.  But as soon as I got the camera out, of course it left.  :-)

Over by the bridge I saw the wood duck!  It's windy out, and it seems to be affecting him.

He got it back under control.

I also saw a red-breasted nuthatch and a tufted titmouse.  And some sort of sparrow, I think a song sparrow.

Then I saw a red-tailed hawk come flying over and land on a building!  I did manage pictures but he's so far off, they're not great.

I felt good about this walk, several birds, including 2 species of hawks!  I hope it keeps up, I think I'll see much more this winter than last winter.  :-)

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