Thursday, December 2, 2010

Costa Rica: We're Outta There!

Up for my last morning in Costa Rica.  Surprise!  It's rainy!  

Another surprise - a bug in our room!  Okay, that's not at all surprising.  But this one is cute!  Some sort of preying mantis / leafbug combo.

As soon as I got onto the patio I saw something disappear into the forest.  A mammal.  I only saw its back half and its tail.

Here is the female cherrie's tanager, in a brief moment of confidence before she disappears again.  Then I pretty much had to go in to shower and pack.  We leave early due to possible construction delays.

The blue crowned mot mot came by again!  This time Brooke got a great view!  This is the best commute to breakfast ever!

This mystery bird was on our way to breakfast.

It looks like a female seedeater of some sort, but I can't tell which one.  They are just too similar for me to tell them apart yet.  Maybe someday!

I saw something significant fly in, and I was hoping to see something cool.......

Like a fiery billed aracari!  Yeah Baby!

It appears to be true that the give their food a little toss and then chomp it.

When it fully realized I was taking pictures it tried to hide behind the branch.  Hahahaa, I love this guy!  I left so it could have its breakfast in peace, which was my intention as well!

Here comes the cloud..... In another minute or two we were just totally socked in.

Our note, which Brooque loved!

We're on the road, and this fruit stand guy is feeding the white-faced monkeys and the anteaters, probably to drum up tourist business.

I saw a lot of stuff but didn't want to stop for anything, since we have to get past that one construction delay.  But then there was a kingfisher!  My favorite!  Yes, I know, I say that quite a bit.  :-)  Anyway we stopped for a minute for this ringed (I think) kingfisher.  Awesome!

Roadside hawk!  Luckily I had my camera out.  We did not stop.

We did stop at the ocean overlook, where we saw pelicans, ground doves, and great kiskadees.  And another hummingbird!  I think another rufous-tailed.  Beautiful!  It rubbed its beak on this branch like it was scratching or cleaning it.There were warblers here too of course, but I was really more focused on the hummingbird.  However, true to form, the hummingbird deftly eluded the camera using clever lighting, and the yellow warbler posed shamelessly.  :-)

And as we drove off, a pelican in the tree!  I've never seen that before.  I mean, except on video.

Macaws flew over!  I've learned quite a bit, I recognized them right away.  It's by no means a good picture, but it's incredible that it exists!  I had the camera out and turned on, and just pointed and clicked.......

Typical view from the road.  Just taken through the window as we drove.

It was gorgeous, and I hope to return someday!

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