Monday, November 12, 2007

Yasawa: Snorkel

This afternoon was our longest snorkel. We stayed in the water almost 2 hours, we just kept on going! We swam right out to the drop-off and I saw the Friendly Guy. He's apparently some sort of cleaner wrasse, and I must have looked like I needed some attention. He came over and tried to clean my wetsuit, but gave up pretty quickly. Hilarious! Jack found this flounder, in this picture you can see it, in the others (before it moved) it was fairly invisible.

Two beautiful coral seascapes. The snorkeling here is really quite incredible! Then a striped surgeonfish, we saw lots of these. Another shot of the longnose filefish, and ending with our first sighting of a blue-spotted sting ray! It's good to snorkel with Jack!

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