Sunday, November 4, 2007

Royal Davui: Night Snorkel

One night we arranged to do a night snorkel. A guide got us lights and we all got into a boat and went out a ways, to snorkel our way back to the dock. The first picture is a lobster, then a sleeping parrotfish.

We found the reef squid, they are amazingly beautiful at night by flashlight! Then this moorish idol. We also came across a slow pufferfish, which the guide promptly grabbed and puffed up. Also on this snorkel I found the shark! Well, more accurate to say the shark found me. Meaning it swam right into the beam of my flashlight while I was looking at something else. But still, it swam into my beam, so I showed the others and got total shark finding credit! :-) I also saw several cute little shrimp that would hide in the coral if you kept the light on it too long. Jack didn't notice them at all until we were almost out, and the ones I found again to show him were too quick, so, no pictures. They were cute though!

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