Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Last AMNH Spring walk

Well today is the last of the spring lunchtime AMNH bird walks, so that's sad.  But it's a lovely day, so that's happy!  Dale led the walk today, it was great to see him.  Before meeting up with the group, I saw this gorgeous egret at the upper lobe.

Then a tanager, reminding me of Panama.
scarlet tanager

Hello Maggie!
magnolia warbler
 This Canada is going to need to work on its necklace.
Canada warbler
 Even birders are taken by the cuteness of a raccoon.
 This red-bellied woodpecker was having to defend its hole against starlings, who thought it looked pretty comfy-cozy.
red-bellied woodpecker
 There were plenty of ovenbirds, but they were mostly staying under cover.  This one popped up for a quick photo session though.  Thanks Buddy!

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