Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hummingbird Heaven!

Today is our last day in Costa Rica this trip.  We went up to La Paz waterfall gardens, basically to sit around and look at hummingbirds.  I should have brought a sweater, and ended up getting a sweatshirt at the shop there.  It was not as good as my sweater but it was better than nothing - it was chilly and raining all day!  However the hummingbird feeders were well worth it.  We trekked down there and stayed in a little rain shelter next to a feeder as the hummingbirds buzzed all around us.  It was amazing!  I have officially given up on identifying them all.  If anyone wants to take a shot at it, feel free!

green thorntail

green thorntail

mystery hummingbird

green violet-ear, green-crowned brilliant

green hermit, green thorntail, and others

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  1. I think your mystery hummer is either a black-bellied hummingbird or a stripe-tailed hummingbird... (pg. 132 in Garrigues) - Glenn