Friday, November 12, 2010

More ducks and a grebe

Another pretty day!  Back to the reservoir, to see what I can see.

On the way walking over, I saw this thrush who seemed really determined to get into a pictures.  It saw me coming and flew down, landing quite nearby and showing off.  He still has some things to learn about posing though, he still moved way too quickly.  :-)

Also there were some white throated sparrows, here's one enjoying some berries.  I don't know what's up with his beak.  I read somewhere that more birds are turning up with deformities in their beaks, probably due to environmental problems, probably human caused.

Once at the reservoir, I saw lots of ducks!  Here's a gorgeous gadwall, looking incredibly sweet as she tries to hide behind this inadequate branchlet.

Here's a bufflehead, I still love them!

The numerous ruddy ducks sometimes come over and make sure I get pictures of them.  They are so cute and sassy!

Here's a female hooded merganser, loving her crest, as well she should.

And here's a male hooded merganser, flirting with me and making sure I'm watching.

Here's the mighty hunter with a little..... crawfish?  Something along those lines.  Hahahahaha, his crest is going crazy when he shakes that thing around!

Here he is gliding regally away.

And sailing off into the sunset.  Not really, but I do love the light in this picture, it just looks magical to me.

And here are two pied-bill grebes!  They are really small, and shy, it took a while for them to be comfortable enough to come into the open even a little to get pictures.

Once again on the edge was a kinglet, only the ruby crowned female this time.

And I finally saw this northern shoveler before heading home.  Hahahahaha, they crack me up.

All day there were lots of blue jays - I guess it was a bumper crop this year!  I saw several of them foraging on the ground, often with starlings and/or juncos.  The pictures were not spectacular though.

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