Thursday, December 20, 1990

Why this blog exists

This blog is a tool for me to track the animals I see. :-) I have been snorkeling and diving for years now, and have seen many tropical fish and such. I went to South Africa on safari and of course saw many animals there. Also in Africa one of the rangers got me interested in birding, so I started paying attention to the birds I saw there. When I got home I read that Central Park is one of the best birding locations in the US, and since I basically live there, I thought I'd start looking at birds there.

I have many memories of seeing animals, and some pictures, and want to have them here, mostly as a memory aid. I can't imagine this will be of much interest to other people, but I guess you never know.

I'll be putting as much detail in as possible. Actually that's not 100 percent true. I'll be putting as much detail as I can about the sightings in terms of date, time, location. And hopefully a decent description, pictures if I can. And maybe notes about where the high-res picture is on my computer.

OK, that's it. Off we go! :-)

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