Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cayman: Snorkeling: Squid, Flounder, Turtle!

Our first snorkel this trip was pretty spectacular. We got in and started to head out, and right away I spotted the reef squid. As we were taking pictures, the queen triggerfish and the boxfish tried to distract us. After taking a good look at them all (and a bunch of other stuff, mostly blue tangs and butterfly fish and the zillions of fans) we headed out towards the buoys. Then I spotted the flounder! It was too deep for me to get a really good look, but Jack got way down there for the picture. Then it was out to the buoy, where it was really too deep for me to see much of anything, but while we were talking on the surface I saw something next to the buoy. I thought it was either something tied on to the buoy or.... a turtle! We were thrilled to see the turtle, then came back in to the shallows where we found the white spot file fish. Our best snorkel of the trip!

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